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Metrix High Velocity Sensor receives SIL 2 and SIL 3 Capable Safety Certification

March 15, 2017Houston, TX— Metrix Instrument Company announces that its High-Temperature Velocity Sensor, 5485C, has been certified by H-ON Consulting, an international provider of technical and engineering services for the safety and reliability of industrial products based out of the US, as compliant with the requirements of the international safety standard Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 and SIL 3 capable. 

The purpose of the SIL certification is to measure safety system performance and the likelihood of failure.  Achieving SIL 2, and SIL 3 capable, based on the IEC6158 Functional Safety Standard signifies that the 5485C has been thoroughly assessed and is a reliable electronic device ready to use in all industries.

Obtaining SIL 2, and SIL 3 capable, proves that the 5485C is now ready for use in safety system situations. The 5485C is designed to meet the expected functionality requirements using safety principles and introducing measures to limit or detect failures. All parts of the 5485C are thoroughly defined and designed to avoid systematic failures, and the dangerous failure modes are identified and eliminated as much as possible.

Engineering also outlines the production steps, tests procedures to be completed and the criteria to define if each sensor meets the expected requirements. A high number of safety requirements are necessary in the gas, chemical and oil industry. For these industries, safety is of serious importance, requiring a high level of safety for their control and monitoring systems.

About 5485C

The Metrix 5485C is a High-Temperature Velocity Sensor suitable for environments with temperatures up to 375°C.  It is designed for gas turbines and other machinery with high surface temperatures where a velocity signal is desired.  The Metrix 5485C is standard equipment on most heavy-duty industrial gas turbines. The sensor’s moving-coil design requires no external power as it self-generates a signal proportional to vibration velocity. 

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Metrix adds to the Hardy Shaker Line with New Innovative Models

January 25, 2017—Houston, TX— Metrix Instrument Company announces the launch of the new Hardy Shaker series HI-903 and HI-913. The two new shakers join the line of already popular Metrix Hardy Shakers HI-803 and HI-813.

The new shakers feature an easy frequency and amplitude adjustment system, an extended battery life of up to 18 hours, and a lightweight waterproof ruggedized Pelican™ Storm Case™. The new shakers also feature optimum precision control and stability, allowing them to work in high vibration background environments. The HI-903 users can save up to 500 calibrations, then transfer data to a USB Flash Drive and create automated reports.

The Hardy Shakers ensure that the seismic sensors and transmitters that have been installed are working properly and giving accurate results. Just like pressure and flow instruments need calibration checks every year, so do seismic sensors and transmitters. The Hardy Shaker system puts the calibration check of those seismic sensors and transmitters within your control, and within your budget.

The Hardy Shaker comes in four models: The HI-913 is our top of the line and offers onboard memory, multiple tests, automated Excel reports and new ruggedized case. The HI-803 offers onboard memory, multiple tests, the ability to print results and the ability to download the saved data to an Excel file using the serial to USB interface cable. The HI-903 provides the ability to conduct vibration sensor testing, the ability to change frequency without having to adjust amplitude, and a new ruggedized case. The HI-813 provides the ability to conduct vibration sensor testing. All Hardy Shakers are able to validate the entire vibration loop, from the transducer to the measurement system. All Hardy Shakers are traceable to NIST.

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  TightView™ Proximity System
Minimize interferences commonly found in side obstructions or reduced counter bore areas with the New Metrix TightView™ Proximity System. This is the latest addition to our field-proven Digital Proximity System (DPS) family for measuring and monitoring radial vibration, thrust or shaft speed.
  VibeLock™ Connector and Triaxial Cables
New MX8030 Proximity Probe and MX8031 Extension Cable System comes standard with VibeLock™ Connector and Triaxial Cables.

The VibeLock Connector provides a secure, finger-tight, no slip connection between the probe cable connector and the extension cable connector. As you tighten the cable connectors, you will feel the ratcheting mechanism work until the connection is finger-tight. This will ensure the probe and extension cable stays connected until you are ready to take the connection apart.

The Triaxial Cable provides an extra protective barrier for the proximity probe cable system. The extra layer of protection helps prevent excessive physical wear during installation and signal protection in high vibration areas.

  METRIX Announces ATEX Certification for the First Field-Configurable Digital Proximity System (DPS)

HOUSTON, TX – Metrix Instrument Co. today announced the ATEX certification of DPS System including the MX2033 & MX2034 proximity probe signal conditioners.   This will be the first time an API670 configurable digital proximity transducer will be certified under the European ATEX accreditation body. In addition to the current DPS Proximity system North American hazardous area rating of Class I, Div 1 (Intrinsically Safe) & Class I, Div 2 (Non-Incendive), the new ATEX certification was approved for EXII 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Intrinsically Safe)  &  II 3G Ex nA IIC T4 Gc (Non-Incendive) rated applications.

 DPS is a 3-part system that includes a probe (MX2030), cable (MX2031) and signal conditioner (MX2033/34).  This system combines the performance of a fully API 670-compliant proximity measurement system with the flexibility of digital configurability.  It can be configured in the field using a custom field-generated curve, as well as preset calibrations for a variety of manufactures, probe tip diameters, extension cable lengths, target materials, and linear ranges.  Additionally the units are user-configurable to measure radial vibration, axial position, or rotational speed.
“The ATEX approval will allow Metrix to extend the DPS product line to many of our European customers. This certification provides assurances to customers that the highest standards have been met for hazardous area products and ensures the broadest acceptance of DPS worldwide” said Scott Breeding, President of Metrix Instrument Co.
The MX2033 is a 3-wire configured proximity driver that uses a standard -24 Vdc power source. The MX2033 provides a voltage output that is proportional to distance from the target. The output voltage effectively provides vibration or position measurement data. 
The MX2034 is a 4-20mA Transmitter that outputs a signal proportional to vibration, speed, or axial position. You can connect the 24VDC loop powered device directly to a PLC, DCS, SCADA system, or other instrumentation that accepts an ISA-standard 4-20mA signal. For convenience, the raw vibration signal is available through a buffered BNC connector when connecting to signal analyzers, portable data collectors, and other test instrumentation. Orders for the ATEX approved units can be placed now and shipping will begin August 2015. 
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  Roper Industries Announces Name Change to Roper Technologies
Roper Industries, Inc.(NYSE: ROP) announced today that it has changed its corporate name to Roper Technologies, Inc. to reflect its continued evolution as a diversified technology company.
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