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A full line of accessories for mounting probes and WP or EP enclosures for drivers, transmitters and signal conditioners.

Static Calibrator

Static Calibrator

The static calibrator tool allows users to change their probe target material to match their specific probe system. Available for millimeters or micrometers.

MX2040 Dynamic Signal Checker

MX2040 Dynamic Signal Checker

The MX2040 dynamically tests the vibration monitoring system loop by the simulation of rotor vibration.

5497PM Probe Holder

5497PM Probe Mounting System

The Probe Mounting System works with reverse mount 8mm proximity probes. The system mounts on the machine surface for easy installation.

5498JB Conduit Body (Junction Box)

5498JB Conduit Body (Junction Box) with Low Pressure Feed Through

Proximity Probe Housing

5499 Heavy Duty Reverse Probe Mount Housing

Required accessory for reverse mount probes. Provides physical protection to 1000 PSIG (6.89 MPa).

Probe Mounting Bracket

7646 Probe Mounting Bracket

Available for all standard probe sizes.


1/2” NPT Threaded Hole Probe Holder

Available for all standard probe sizes.


3/4” NPT Threaded Hole Probe Holder

Available for all standard probe sizes.

5494 Feed Through Extension Cable

5494LP Low Pressure Feed Through

Low Pressure cable seals prevent oil wicking with proximity probe sensors in rotating equipment. The seals include a grommet that provides a tight seal and also allows adjustment of the cable position.

5494 Feed Through Extension Cable

5494 Feed Through Extension Cables

Extension cables with High Pressure Cable Seal to 150 PSI used for 10000 and MX Probe Series. Available as single or dual feed through.

Weatherproof Housing

7876, 8172 and 8173 Weatherproof Housing

NEMA 4 / IP 65 rated enclosures for 2, 4 or 8 units.

Explosion-proof Housings

7595 and 8156 Explosion Proof Housings

Explosion-proof housing helps protect your proximity drivers, transmitters and signal conditioners in harsh environments. NEC & CSA  rated for Class I, (C,D) & Class II (E, F & G), Div.1 areas.

Signal Cable

9041-XXXX Signal Cable

Bulk cable for wiring probe drivers, monitors or signal conditioners.