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Vibration Transmitters

Metrix* proximity vibration transmitters are compatible with Bently Nevada** Series 3300, 7200, and 3000 probes and cables as well as our own probes and cables. The flexible Metrix MX2034 Transmitter can be reconfigured to handle any of these probe / cable combinations.

MX 2034 DPS

MX2034 4-20 mA Transmitter

Configurable for either:

  • Radial vibration
  • Axial position
  • NEW Speed measurements 
TXR 5521 RPM Transmitter

TXR 5521 RPM Transmitter

Combines the proximity probe driver and signal conditioner for RPM or Phase Reference

TXR TXA Transmitter

TXR Transmitter

Radial Proximity Probe Transmitter

TXA Transmitter

TXA Transmitter

Axial Proximity Probe Transmitter