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HI-813 Hardy Shaker - Will be discontinued December 31, 2018



Model: HI-813 will be discontinued December 31, 2018


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Used for testing from 25 to 10,000 Hz, the Hardy HI 813 Shaker offers adjustable frequency and adjustable vibration level. This provides a reference source for verifying the accuracy of vibration transducers, connectors, cabling and instruments or instrumentation systems. To find intermittent cables or loose connections, testing in the frequency range of 500 Hz to 2,000 Hz is usually required. The HI 813 has a ruggedized suspension system that can support heavy transducers (up to 750 grams - see frequency limits in the manual) that require testing in a horizontal direction, instead of the normal vertical direction. This added support makes this shaker a good choice for heavy duty field use. The HI 813 has a built-in battery charger that can operate on 120 or 240 VAC.

Product Approx. Weight: 8.6 kg (19 lbs)